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The Institute of Environment works to discover and protect numerous species and landscapes from within the depths of our oceans through forests and grasslands to the vast expanse of our skies. We are committed to tackling many of today’s global environmental challenges such as food security, climate change and biodiversity loss. By uniting conservation leaders, students and researchers, the institute addresses not only basic biodiversity science, but also provides data driven solutions to the critical concerns driving species extinctions and ecosystem decline. 


  • Amphibian Conservation
  • Disease ecology in megadiverse tropical amphibian communities
  • Dominica's Parrots
  • Dwarf Crocodiles
  • Evolutionary reversals of growth in lizards
  • Pangolins
  • Pygmy Hippos
  • Red-browed Amazon Parrots
  • Slender-Snouted Crocodiles
  • Small Primates

Animals Projects 


Partnerships and collaborative work allow us to amplify our impact. View our partners.

International Center for Tropical Botany at The Kampong

Our center at The Kampong will enable groundbreaking research through our International Center for Tropical Botany, in partnership with the National Tropical Botanical Garden and supported by the William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust and the Batchelor Foundation.

Rare Species Conservatory Foundation

A living laboratory in South Florida, the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation's facility allows the development of reproductive, husbandry, management and long-term conservation programs linking captive breeding with conservation efforts in the field. This partnership is supported by the Batchelor Foundation.


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