Find out how you can take part in our research and educational activities through courses, public lectures, professional workshops and trainings, K-12 enrichment programs and more. We seek to include the community in our work and help everyone to understand the environment and work to protect it.

Prospective Students

Academic departments in the College of Arts, Sciences & Education offer degrees and programs that connect to our research.

  • Biological Sciences

    Biology, environmental science, science communications, marine science, forensic and pre-health studies

  • Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Organic and inorganic chemistry, environmental chemistry, forensics, biochemistry, radiochemistry and chemistry education

  • Earth and Environment

    Earth science, atmospheric science, environmental studies, sustainability and natural resources sciences

We are searching for students who want to dive into hands-on lab and field research. Learn more about how you can join us:

Current Students

For research opportunities with the institute, read on below for internships, fellowships and scholarships. You can also reach out to our team of scientists or find a research group that fits your interests.

For more information about related academic degrees, certificates and courses, browse academic departments:

Student Research Opportunities

Open to all university students:

Open to FIU students only:

You can also browse CASE Internships & Jobs for related jobs in environmental disciplines.

Community & Volunteers

For more, browse our professional courses.

K-12 Students & Educators

  • Florida Keys & Me - Journey to the Keys in person or virtually to explore hardwood hammocks, mangroves or seagrass

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