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In collaboration with local and international partners, our efforts have led to expanded protections for endangered species; improved sanitation and access to clean water; increased community resilience across the globe; and adaptive management of terrestrial, freshwater, coastal and marine resources. We are addressing both current and unprecedented future threats of environmental change, providing data-driven solutions to society's greatest and most urgent challenges.

  • 60

    Countries Involved in Research

  • $40 million

    Research Funding

  • 1,200

    Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Freshwater Resources

The Freshwater Resources Division promotes science-driven decision-making to protect and restore water resources, recreational lands and natural ecosystems.

Coastlines and Oceans

The Coastlines and Oceans Division leads global projects that support and safeguard the long-term survival of key ecosystems and organisms in the face of sea level rise.

Land and Biodiversity

The Land and Biodiversity Division protects numerous species while tackling food insecurity, climate change and biodiversity loss.