Our experts work with partners locally, regionally and around the world to increase our impact in research achievements and community projects.


Our researchers and scientists have fostered collaborations with dozens of organizations across the world, from local government agencies to international nonprofits to private concerned citizens. Our work to protect the planet is an arduous task that requires as many helping hands as possible. We strive to include all who hope to contribute to our mission. Below you can browse our list of partners:

Florida Partnerships

The Institute is involved in several local and regional initiatives that include local partners closer to home. Specifically, our researchers are invested in numerous research projects working on climate and sea level rise issues throughout the southeastern Florida area.

Featured Partners

The Institute collaborates with many organizations to ensure that we are all doing our part to protect our planet. The Institute actively partners with state and federal agencies to support the management of our most important ecosystems, including the Florida Keys and the Everglades. 

  • South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force

    The South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force brings together federal, state, local, and Tribal governments, as well as other organizations, in an effort to restore and protect America's Everglades. For years, FIU has provided research to the Task Force to support the importance of these collaborations.

  • Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

    Together with the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, we are engaging the Keys community to support a vibrant economy, educational opportunities and the environment. This partnership allows FKNMS to strengthen research and outreach programs.

  • Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

    In partnership with RBNERR, we provide field-based instruction in environmental studies to students while promoting shared use of facilities, vessels, vehicles and resources. Our collaboration provides shared access to long-term water quality, fisheries and biological data for analysis and joint research.

Institute-Hosted Federal Partnerships

The Institute leads several membership groups, locally and nationally. These groups consist of other university partners and non-profits aimed at achieving a healthy and striving planet. 

The Florida Climate Institute and FIU partnership allows for both organizations to work together to tackle regional climate challenges. 

We are a member of the Florida Climate Institute, a multi-disciplinary network of national and international research and public organizations, scientists and individuals concerned with developing a better understanding of climate variability and change. Over 200 individual affiliates, including university researchers and representatives from government and industry, have joined FCI. We also work closely with the Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities (USF, FSU and FIU) and the neighboring South Florida universities (e.g., UM, FAU and Nova Southeastern University) as the first-of-its-kind collaborative organized research unit.

FCI fosters interdisciplinary research, education, and extension to:

  1. Improve our understanding and the impact of climate variability, climate change, and sea level rise on the economy, ecosystems, and human-built systems;
  2. Develop technologies and information for creating opportunities and policies that reduce economic and environmental risks; and
  3. Engage society in research, extension and education programs for enhancing adaptive capacity and responses to associated climatic risks.



The Institute is represented as a member with several different organizations: