Partnerships, collaborations and funding relationships empower us to carry out research, education and community programs.

Core Collaborations

Partnerships and collaborative work allow us to amplify our impact. 

International Center for Tropical Botany at The Kampong

Our center at The Kampong will enable groundbreaking research through our International Center for Tropical Botany, in partnership with the National Tropical Botanical Garden and supported by the William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust and the Batchelor Foundation.

Rare Species Conservatory Foundation

A living laboratory in South Florida, the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation's facility allows the development of reproductive, husbandry, management and long-term conservation programs linking captive breeding with conservation efforts in the field. This partnership is supported by the Batchelor Foundation.

Interdisciplinary FIU Collaborations

  • FIU School of Environment, Arts and Society

    The FIU School of Environment, Arts and Society is one of three interdisciplinary schools in the College of Arts, Sciences & Education, uniting faculty in the sciences, social sciences and humanities to conduct solutions-oriented research that addresses environmental and socioeconomic challenges, such as sea level rise.

  • Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work

    The Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work supports the Sea Level Solutions Center when it comes to sea level or climate change-related projects that include an element of human behavior and psychology.

  • Geographic Information Systems Center

    In their efforts to facilitate teaching and research by the FIU community in the areas of geographic information systems, remote sensing, geospatial web visualization and geospatial data management, the FIU Geographic Information Systems Center will be able to provide the tools to visualize and understand the complexity of sea level rise impacts beyond just the obvious flood impacts. The GIS Center is the host for GIS courses in two state-of-the-art teaching laboratories. It is equipped with 25 high-end workstations and distance learning accessories, including camera, microphone, and Elluminate software to provide instruction, information, and recommendations related to GIS, remote sensing, and spatial and statistical analysis of sea level rise impacts.


  • Zoo Miami

    Zoo Miami is proud to be an active leader in many global wildlife and environmental conservation initiatives, and we are currently involved in about 30 programs annually across five continents.

  • Montgomery Botanical Center

    Montgomery Botanical Center is the living legacy of Robert and Nell Montgomery, widely known as the founders of Fairchild Tropical Garden. Housed on their 120-acre Coral Gables estate, it included the largest and finest private collections of palms and cycads in the world.

  • Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

    FTBG mission is to save tropical plant diversity by exploring, explaining and conserving the world of tropical plants; fundamental to this task is inspiring a greater knowledge and love for plants and gardening so that all can enjoy the beauty and bounty of the tropical world.

  • Deering Estate

    The Deering Estate preserves the 1920s era Miami estate of Charles Deering, Chicago industrialist, early preservationist, environmentalist, art collector, philanthropist and first chairman of the International Harvester Company. Nestled along the coast in South Dade, the Deering Estate is a cultural asset and historic site listed on the National Register of Historic Places. As a 21st Century museum destination for tourists and local residents, a variety of signature events, programs, tours and classes are offered throughout the year.

  • Dream In Green

    Dream in Green’s mission is to empower individuals, especially youth, to lead in the response to climate change and other environmental challenges facing South Florida since 2006

  • The Education Fund

    The Education Fund's mission is to maximize every child's potential and to ensure that each one graduates with every opportunity for success. 

  • Friends of the Commodore Trail

    The friends of the commodore trail are working to engage the community in helping to achieve the major goal of improving and completing the Commodore Trail.

Global Partnerships

  • Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)

    INRA is France's new National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment, created on January 1, 2020, It was formed by the merger of INRA, the National Institute for Agricultural Research, and IRSTEA, the National Research Institute of Science and Technology for the Environment and Agriculture.