Theme Coordination Committee

The objective of the Theme Coordination Committee is to contribute in the coordination of programmed activities of various nature in the different thematic areas proposed to UNESCO and participate with the Chair-holder in the planning, development, and implementation of such activities.

  Thematic Area

FIU Theme Coordinator

External Theme Coordinator

Education and Capacity Building

Dr. Rita Teutonico  (Associate Dean, CASE)

Dr. Evens Emmanuel, Vice Rector for Research, University of Quisqueya, (Haiti)


Dr. Shlomi Dinar  (Interim Dean, SIPA)

Mr. Victor Pochat, Member of the Academy of Environment Sciences of Argentina (Argentina)

Water Quality

Dr. Henry Briceno  (Institute of Environment - CASE)



Dr. Kemal Akkaya, Director of
Research, Cybersecurity
Emerging Preeminent

Dr. Alex Crowther Research Professor
at JGI and SIPA, coordinator of JGI-OAS
Cybersecurity Certificate Program -

Compound Events Analysis and Modeling

 Dr. Francisco Pena, Institute
of Environment

 Dr. Alfonso Gutierrez, U. Queretaro –
LAC Regional Coordinator of the
International Flood Initiative (Mexico)

Environmental Finance

Michael Sukop,
Environmental Finance &
Risk Management Program

Ray King Burch, Environmental Finance
Researcher (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Sustainable Communities

Dr. Shahin Vassigh (Associate Dean – CARTA)

Dr. Fernando Nardi - U. Perugia –
Professor and UNESCO Co-Chair on
Water and Culture (Italy)

Gender and Equity

Dr. Suzanna Rose , Founding
Associate Provost, Office to
Advance Women, Equity &


Water Culture

Dr. Jennifer Veilleux. SIPA

Dr. Rafael Val Segura, UNESCO Chair on
Water Culture (Mexico)

Energy-Water-Food Nexus

Dr. Leo Lagos, Associate Director ARC, Director of Research

Mr. Silvio Carrasco, PUCMM
(Dominican Republic)- invited