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  • Title: A Decision-support Tool for Evaluating the Impacts of Short- and Long-term Management Decisions on the Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper Resource
  • Principal Investigator: Yuying Zhang
  • Funding Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Timeline: Ongoing

Management strategy evaluation uses simulation methods to quantify the risk associated with a suite of potential fisheries management actions. Management of the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) red snapper resource over the last three decades has been controversial and contentious.

The need to develop a management strategy evaluation tool that can test the robustness of long-term management strategies and short-term regulations has been indicated in the recent stock assessment reports. For complex fisheries like GoM red snapper, a customized decision-support tool is needed, based on a broader MSE framework that allows for a more holistic evaluation of alternative management strategies.

This project is funded by the NOAA Restore Act Program. You can test our newly developed web-based GoM red snapper MSE decision-support tool here:

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