REU Research Projects

A research project can be made up of research mentors, graduate mentors and REU students. Projects vary when it comes to the number of people on project teams, but most students are paired with both a faculty research mentor and a graduate student mentor. Each project team works to address an overarching research question.Throughout the summer, REU fellows are expected to work on their own research within the larger context of the overarching research project.

At the end of the summer, all students will present their work at the annual Coastal Ecosystems REU Site Research Symposium and will be encouraged to present at other scientific conferences.

2019 Projects

Find out about the 2019 REU students and projects in CASE News.

Additional Project Areas

The projects listed below are representative of the interdisciplinarity of our research theme and the scope of related projects REU students could develop. For a complete list of possible research mentors, click here.