REU Field Experiences

In parallel to the ongoing research project, students will have the opportunity to visit a number of the iconic coastal ecosystems in the South Florida region, as well as hear seminars from local experts. In addition, REU students will participate in cohort sessions with other undergraduate researchers where they will learn professional skills, practice poster and oral presentations, and engage with panels of STEM professionals from a number of different career paths.

Our REU focuses on the linkages from the inland Everglades wetlands, through the canal and river systems to the coastal mangroves, seagrass and coral reef habitats. Stars indicate REU field trips.

Map of REU sites including: Rookery Bay, Everglades, Deering Estate, seagrass beds off the Florida Keys, coral reefs off the Florida Keys, Biscayne Bay mangroves, Miami River, Oleta River (Biscayne Bay), Loxahatchee

  • Rookery Bay

    Students will experience a boat tour on Rookery Bay, where they will be exposed to different marine life and learn about the unique local ecosystem. They will gain a better understanding of estuaries and their uniquely adapted species.

  • Everglades

    Students will participate in an airboat ride through the incredible Everglades National Park. They will learn about the difference between the native and non-native wildlife, flora and fauna of the Everglades, as well as discuss the impacts that the protected wetland is experiencing due to natural and man-made changes.

  • Deering Estate

    Student will get to enjoy a short walking tour and kayak experience at the Deering Estate and witness the natural habitat of several native species to the area. They will learn about the area's seagrass and sea turtle species and their importance, gain a better understanding of the environmental impacts from hurricanes and explore archeological sites and their cultural significance.

  • Seagrass Beds & Coral Reefs

    Students will go to the Florida Keys and take part in a coral reef and seagrass bed tour. They will learn about coral and seagrass ecosystem services, as well as their economic impacts.

  • Biscayne Bay Mangroves

    Students will participate in a boat trawl and beach seining experience at Biscayne Bay. This experience will help students understand mangrove habitats and their vulnerability to extreme environmental events. They will get to take part in fish and invertebrate identification using photos, ID books and microscopes to identify organisms collected.

  • Miami River

    Students will get to take part in research along the Miami River, also taking a tour of the river and learning about the environmental impacts the river experiences.

  • Oleta River, Biscayne Bay

    Students will go on a canoe or kayak tour where they will experience first-hand the natural habitat of Oleta River in Biscayne Bay. 

  • Loxahatchee

    Students will take part in a walking site tour and marsh canoe trip in Loxahatchee. This trip will allow students to explore the role of large-scale physical models in testing environmental restoration strategies.