Rehage Lab for Coastal Fish Ecology & Fisheries

The Rehage Laboratory for Coastal Fish Ecology & Fisheries is a research group directed by Dr. Jennifer Rehage within the Institute of Environment at Florida International University (FIU). The lab focuses on understanding how water and water management decisions interact with climate patterns to affect fish and the quality of recreational fisheries.

Our research takes a holistic approach to studying fish, integrating from the behavior of individuals to populations and entire fish communities and their effects and responses to ecosystem processes, their interactions and responses to both natural and human disturbances, and extending to the human dimensions of fish - involving anglers in science and understanding their knowledge and perceptions.

Ongoing research efforts aim to understand how fishes move through their seascapes, what drives these movement, how those movements fit into large-scale ecosystem processes and what are the consequences for socio-economically valuable recreational fisheries.

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