Wildlife in a Changed World

Parrot Conservation in Crisis II, Q&A

Date: April 27, 2020
Location: Zoom

Experts in parrot conservation and zoonotic disease answered questions related to the future of parrot conservation in light of the coronavirus pandemic, asked by attendees of our previous webinar.

Moderator: Cristina M Gomes, PhD (Assistant Director, Tropical Conservation Institute in the FIU Institute of Environment)


  • LoraKim Joyner, DVM (Co-director, One Earth Conservation)
  • Branson W Ritchie, PhD, DVM (Director, Technology Development and Implementation at New Materials Institute; Director, Infectious Diseases Laboratory)
  • Juan Carlos Cantú (Director, Defenders of Wildlife Mexico)
  • Daniel Lebbin, PhD (Vice President of Threatened Species, American Bird Conservancy)
  • Paul Reillo, PhD (Director, Tropical Conservation Institute in the FIU Institute of Environment; Director, Rare Species Conservatory Foundation)

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View the webinar recording below: