Future of Coral: Climate Change and Coral Reefs in the U.S. and Okinawa

Date: June 4, 2020
Host Organization: OIST Foundation
FIU Speaker: Jose Eirin-Lopez

Information: An OIST Foundation webinar about cutting-edge research in the U.S. and Japan on the impact of climate change on coral reefs. This webinar is part of the U.S.-Japan Science Synergy Series supported by the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission. Featuring: Dr. Timothy Ravasi, Professor of Marine Science, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) & Dr. Jose M. Eirin-Lopez, Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, Florida International University (Miami, Florida).

View the webinar recording to watch the whole event or find out about the key takeaways from the event in this CASE News article