International Program

The Institute of Environment International Program works in partnership with several nonprofits, governmental institutions, and private organizations on water and environmental initiatives across the globe. The International Program views water as an essential and critical resource for a healthy and sustainable future. The Program strives to ensure that clean and potable water is accessible and available to everyone on our planet.

About the Program

Following the mission of the Institute of Environment, the International Program brings together academic, researcher, private, intergovernmental, governmental and non-governmental entities in the US and abroad to tackle regional, national and global water and environmental issues, through interdisciplinary research, education, capacity building and public engagement.


The International Program has been working for years with other interested organizations on initiatives in the water and environmental sectors.

  • Italian-FIU Collaboration on Water

    The FIU collaboration with Italian universities aims to 1) develop joint PhD programs integrating water science with social and cultural studies; 2) develop applied research considering active citizenship and big data science as central parts of the next generation decision-making process for smart and sustainable urban systems; 3) identify and develop large-scale demonstrations and "living labs" for testing the effectiveness of non-invasive solutions as compared to large grey infrastructures. Read more about the collaboration with Italian universities

    The collaboration developed two workshops for interested participants. The first workshop, "Water and Environmental Global Challenges," took place in Miami on May 23-26, 2017. The second workshop, "Water and Environmental Global Challenges: International Water Infrastructure and Security," took place in Perugia on Nov. 9, 2017. 

  • Past Projects


    Our USAID project focused on water, sanitation, and hygiene in West Africa. The main objective for this project was to support regional access to improved water supply/sanitation services and improved hygiene behaviors in West Africa. Visit the USAID WA-WASH website to learn more. 

    Haiti Water Project

    Florida International University Institute of Environment, through the International Program, has implemented an adaptive, inclusive, and integrated approach for Northern Haiti on water availability, quality, and integrated water resources management. For more about this project, read our executive summary or contact the Inter-American Development Bank. 

    Global Water for Sustainability Program (GLOWS)

    GLOWS was an FIU-led initiative funded by USAID from 2004-2014. GLOWS programs were coordinated by FIU and implemented around the world and focused on providing water management services to people and ecosystems, including integrated water management policies, water supply, sanitation, and hygiene improvements, and research and education programs in the water sector. Visit the GLOWS website to learn more.

UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Security

FIU has established a UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Security at the Institute of Environment. The Chair focuses efforts in advancing the knowledge needed to address complex water security issues, both locally and globally, through interdisciplinary research, education, capacity building and public engagement, by linking academics, students, researchers and water professionals with local, regional, and international programs and stakeholders to foster water sustainability.