Workshop on Coastal Observation and Modeling Systems

In September of 2020, the Sea Level Solutions Center in the FIU Institute of Environment hosted the first Workshop on Coastal Observation and Modeling Systems. This was an NSF-funded event in line with the "Coastlines and People (CoPe)" theme. Another workshop is expected to be held in 2021 - please check back for updates.

Last year's workshop took place on September 8, 2020 using a virtual conferencing platform. The one-day workshop began at 9AM EST.

The workshop was designed to discuss observations and models associated with biophysical, social-behavioral, and economic systems in vulnerable coastal regions.


Specifically, the workshop focused on understanding the interactions of biophysical, social-behavioral, and economic systems in coastal regions, explicitly defining new data gaps that can be addressed by nongovernmental, local, regional, and federal networks for the formulation of a comprehensive Coastal Observatory, and the development of interoperability requirements of data and models. You can download the workshop schedule to learn more about the individual talks given during the event.

Watch the webinar recordings below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Keynote Speaker


Director of the FIU Institute of Environment, Dr. Todd Crowl, was the workshop's keynote speaker. His talk was entitled: A Vision for Observations and Models in Physical, Social, and Economic Systems in Coastlines.

Dr. Crowl's research interests include aquatic ecology, predator-prey interactions, food web ecology and most recently, urban stream ecology.