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Agroecology & Food Security

  • FIU Food Forest Project (HIGHLIGHTED - WILL HAVE A PAGE)
  • Farmers' Outreach Program (HIGHLIGHTED - WILL HAVE A PAGE)
  • FIU Organic Garden
  • Supply Chain Study (HIGHLIGHTED - WILL HAVE A PAGE)

Climate & Sea Level

  • Climate Resilient Urban Nexus CHoices (CRUNCH)
  • Coral Gables Tidal and Mangrove Sediment Elevation
  • Effects of Projected Sea-Level Rise on the Everglades
  • Florida Building Commission Project 
  • Land Subsidence and Coastal Flooding in South Florida
  • Mercury Cycling at the Arctic Ocean Air-Sea Interface
  • Miami-Dade Environmental Education (HIGHLIGHTED - AS A PAGE)
  • Protecting South Florida Archeological Sites with Integrated Ecosystem Restoration
  • Rainfall Workshop (HAS A PAGE)
  • Saltwater Intrusion and the Everglades
  • Sea Level Solutions Center Citizen Science (HIGHLIGHTED - HAS A PAGE)
  • Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network
  • Urban Water Innovation Network (U-Win)
  • Workshop on Coastal Observation and Modeling Systems (HAS A PAGE)


  • Conservation Planning for Biodiversity
  • Disease Ecology in Megadiverse Tropical Amphibian Communities
  • Endangered Orchid Conservation (HIGHLIGHTED - WILL HAVE A PAGE)
  • Plant Taxonomy and Conservation
  • Tropical Herpetology Conservation (HIGHLIGHTED - WILL HAVE A PAGE)

Ecosystem Services

  • Ecological Roles and Importance of Sea Turtles in Coral Reef Ecosystems
  • Ecosystem Services in Community Forests of SW Amazonia
  • Marine Macroalgae Connections to the Environment and Other Organisms
  • Marine Reserves Impact Seascapes
  • Shark Bay Ecosystem Research Project

Environmental Finance & Risk Management


Environmental Forensics


Evolution & Adaptability

  • Epigenetics - NSF Understanding Rules of Life (URoL) (HIGHLIGHTED - WILL HAVE A PAGE)
  • Hurricane Effects on Spawning Aggregations of Goliath Grouper
  • Behavioral Ecology of Whales and Dolphins
  • Bioluminescence and Vision in the Deep Sea (HIGHLIGHTED - WILL HAVE A PAGE)
  • Decapod Tree of Life
  • Ecology and Conservation of Sharks, Rays and Reef Fish
  • Epigenetics as a New Frontier to Improve Shark Nursery Conservation in Bimini
  • Epigenetics of Corals in Response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria
  • Evolution of Marine Invertebrates
  • "Evolutionary Reversals" in Lizards (HIGHLIGHTED - WILL HAVE A PAGE)
  • French Polynesia Reef Shark Research
  • Green Sea Turtle Research
  • Integrating Responses to Environmental Change Across the Biological Hierarchy

Marine Ecology

  • Addressing Marine Megafauna Bycatch
  • Small-Scale Fisheries Management
  • Fisheries Management Strategy Evaluation
  • Direct-ageing Technique for Gulf and South Atlantic Spiny Lobster
  • Madagascar Whale Sharks
  • Marine Research Hub of South Florida Consortium
  • Novel Mariculture of the Caribbean King Crab
  • Restoring Coral Reefs in the Florida Keys
  • Scaling Up Sponge Community Restoration in South Florida
  • Seagrass Ecosystems and Blue Carbon Research (HIGHLIGHTED - WILL HAVE A PAGE)

Monitoring & Technology

  • Underwater Acoustics Technology (HIGHLIGHTED - WILL HAVE A PAGE)
  • Modeling and Mapping Fishing Pressure and Fish Stocks
  • Training Today's Workforce for Automation and Robotics (HIGHLIGHTED - WILL HAVE A PAGE)

Pollutants & Contaminants

  • Biscayne Bay Health (HIGHLIGHTED - HAS A PAGE)
  • CREST CAChE Supplements (HAS A PAGE)
  • CREST CAChE Research Buoys (HAS A PAGE)
  • S.A.R.A.H Initiative (HIGHLIGHTED - HAS A PAGE)
  • Water Quality Monitoring Network (HAS A PAGE)

Terrestrial Ecology

  • Amazonian Forest Plots
  • Atlas of Florida Plants
  • Fungi of Florida
  • Multi-Taxonomic Biodiversity Inventories in Tropical Forests
  • Natural Enemies and Beta-Diversity in Amazonian Forests
  • Post-logging Forest Recovery
  • Revising Gentry: Neotropical Field Guide
  • Sustainable Brazil
  • Trees of FIU
  • Vegetation Monitoring in Hardwood Hammocks

Water Security

  • Cybersecurity for Water Security (HIGHLIGHTED - HAS A PAGE)
  • Nile Talk Forums (HIGHLIGHTED - HAS A PAGE)
  • Understanding Extreme Weather Events 

Wetland Ecology

  • Analyzing Change of Hydrologic Conditions in the Everglades
  • Aquatic Refuges for Wetland Fish (HIGHLIGHTED - WILL HAVE A PAGE)
  • Coastal Fish Ecology in the Everglades
  • Direct Measurement of Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE)
  • Everglades Restoration and Water Flow Management
  • Florida and Puerto Rico Mangrove Resilience Project (HIGHLIGHTED - WILL HAVE A PAGE)
  • Hurricanes Fertilize Mangrove Forests in Gulf of Mexico (HIGHLIGHTED - WILL HAVE A PAGE)
  • Multi-University Effort to Investigate Everglades Water Quality
  • Optimizing Fire Regimes in Fire Dependent Ecosystems
  • Photochemical Reactions in Aquatic Environments
  • Pine Rockland and Hurricane Impacts
  • Vegetation Response to Changes in Hydrological Parameters