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  • Title: Direct Measurement of Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE) in Coastal Mangroves of Everglades National Park
  • Principal Investigator: Tiffany Troxler
  • Funding Amount: $254,628
  • Funding Source: National Park Service
  • Timeline: 08/03/17–09/30/22

Everglades National Park is currently undergoing restoration efforts that are meant to create a positive ecological response in the area. These efforts aim to improve the current state of the landscape so that Everglades National Park is protected and effectively performing its environmental services.

This research is designed to directly measure how the landscape of Everglades National Park is processing carbon in response to hydrologic and/or salinity changes. This project will monitor and ensure the safe and effective operation of two eddy flux towers (one at Shark River Slough and the other at Taylor River).

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