The study of agricultural systems is more important than ever as the rising human population increases demand for food and presents new threats to food supply. We examine the role of plants in natural and human systems to find ways to manage both responsibly.

The human element of agroecology means that our projects and programs involve making connections in relevant industries and communicating evidence-based best practices. Our Supply Chains Study is engaging farmers and other professionals to trace Florida tomatoes and strawberries from the field to the store and analyze future challenges. Other initiatives of our Agroecology Program support students from underrepresented and minority communities, and offer workshops and certificates for professionals. By bringing people together, we are strengthening the food supply we all depend on.

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Featured Projects

  • Supply Chains Study

    With support from the Walmart Foundation, this project is exploring the Florida tomato and strawberry industries with a goal of promoting more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible production and supply. The project involves a series of primary surveys of industry stakeholders, and advanced climate, plant growth, and market simulation models.

  • FIU Food Forest Initiative

    In recent years, urban food forests have become popular as food security projects. But we still know little of the linkages between urban communities and these tree systems. Our researchers assess the biophysical components of food forests and associated ecosystem services in Miami Dade County, as well as the food forests’ influence on local residents’ tree-planting practices.

  • Farmers Outreach Program

    The Farmers Outreach Program aims to empower small and under-represented farmers in urban sustainable agriculture, as well as beginning farmers who are interested in starting their own business by offering hands-on farming experience through apprenticeships, agricultural-related workshops, and technical one-on-one advice on USDA loans/grant programs.

Related Programs & Centers

Our ongoing educational, research and community initiatives are organized within thematic programs and centers which bring together experts from across the Institute of Environment.

  • Agroecology Program

    Our faculty and students work at the frontier of sustainable agriculture research, integrating science-based education, research and outreach.

  • ICTB at The Kampong

    The International Center for Tropical Botany at The Kampong integrates faculty's plant research programs with global presence in tropical regions.