Sea Level Solutions Center

We are an interdisciplinary hub for international research, collaboration, education, communication and outreach.

Working with experts around the world, we develop useful and continuing sea level and other climate change-related responses while collaborating with people on the ground to meet real-time needs and provide support.

Our center, part of the Institute of Environment's Coastlines and Oceans Division, was created to address the emerging need for an organizational mechanism to develop useful and sustained sea level and other climate change-related responses for both the human and natural environments. We coordinate and engage in local to global solutions-oriented research, education, strategic thinking, communications and outreach by organizing top scientists, educators, students, municipal leaders and policymakers to produce an accurate understanding of impacts of sea level rise and climate change. We are giving the next generation the knowledge and skills to thrive.


  • To realize innovative, equitable solutions for social, environmental and economic prosperity
  • To engage communities to become resilient to the impacts associated with sea-level rise and climate change
  • To forge interdisciplinary teams to develop cross-cutting decision support and guide solutions
  • To guide and adapt the South Florida community to be economically-viable, equitable, healthy and sustainable


With multiple locations in Miami-Dade County, including in Miami Beach - one of the world's highest-risk regions - we are making significant contributions to the future wellbeing of many communities, both locally and across the globe.


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Sea Level Solutions

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