FIU and the Everglades Foundation together form a powerful partnership for the Everglades. We pride ourselves on pooling our expertise and reach to train undergraduate and graduate students, conduct leading science to inform policy and management decisions, and engage and inform the public, ultimately to protect and restore America’s Everglades.

Together, FIU’s Institute of Environment and the Everglades Foundation are providing scholarships to full-time FIU graduate students pursuing Everglades restoration-related research. FIU ForEverglades scholarships provide up to $25,000 / year for stipends, tuition fees, travel and other research-related expenses. The amount of money associated with the scholarship is subject to change. The number of scholarships depends on the number and quality of applications. The duration of this scholarship is set for 12 months.

Annually, we award the FIU ForEverglades Scholarships with funds from the Everglades Foundation matched by donations like yours. Please consider making a gift today. For more information, contact Stephanie Cox.


The FIU ForEverglades scholarships are open to full-time graduate research students from FIU pursuing degrees in sciences and engineering. Cross-disciplinary research efforts are of special interest. Only graduate students from FIU are welcome to apply for the FIU ForEverglades Scholarship. The scholarships will be awarded to full-time graduate students enrolled in or accepted for admission to FIU who are pursuing Everglades restoration-related research in the Institute of Environment.

For information on how to apply, please download our application guidelines.


In this year's impact report we highlight some of the successes and challenges in restoration efforts, and pay tribute to the many students and collaborators that drive this powerful partnership. We also dive into the strong connection made between The Everglades Foundation and FIU's Institute of Environment. 

At no other time has supporting Everglades restoration been more important. The stress of stronger and more frequent storms, on top of a long history of depleted freshwater flows and accelerated saltwater encroachment, demonstrates the urgent need to restore the Everglades and advance our understanding of the system’s resiliency to manage such stressors. In response, the Institute of Environment and Everglades Foundation are providing scholarships to full-time FIU graduate students pursuing research to protect and save the Everglades.

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The Everglades Foundation provides additional ForEverglades student opportunities for eligible applicants.