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We work to promote a strong scientific underpinning for the protection and restoration of South Florida's water resources, recreational lands and natural ecosystems, including the Flordia Everglades. Our state-of-the-art facilities give us advanced capabilities for water quality analyses, stable isotope analysis, ecotoxicological studies, identification of algae and analysis of trace metals and legacy or emergent contaminants.

Formerly known as the Southeast Environmental Research Center, we carry over 25 years of experience in water quality research and monitoring, water management and Everglades restoration.


  • Pine Rockland and Saltwater Intrusion
  • Optimizing fire regimes in fire dependent ecosystems
  • Comprehensive Everglades restoration plan
  • Direct measurement of Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE)
  • Photochemical reactions in aquatic environments
  • Hurricanes fertilize mangrove forests in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Vegetation response to changes in hydrological parameters
  • Analyzing change of hydrologic conditions

Ecosystems Projects 

Named Chairs

Our chairs' work allows us to amplify our impact. View the rest of our partners.

UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Security

The UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Security, held by Dr. Maria Donoso, is charged with bringing together research and education to address regional, national and global water security issues, through innovative interdisciplinary research and partnerships for sustainability.

Barley Chair

The Barley Chair provides resources to enhance FIU's capacity to research a broader range of associated topics within the Everglades ecosystem and beyond. Barley Chairholder Dr. Evelyn Gaiser leads a lab whose study of algal communities contributes to ecosystem restoration efforts.


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