Chapman-Papastamatiou Lab for Predator Ecology & Conservation

The Chapman-Papastamatiou Laboratory for Predator Ecology & Conservation is a research group directed by Drs. Demian Chapman and Yannis Papastamatiou within the Institute of Environment at Florida International University.

The lab focuses on the ecology, biology, and behaviour of sharks, rays, and predatory bony fish.

Our team produces high quality research that can be translated into meaningful conservation outcomes for threatened species and ecosystems. Using a variety of tools like genetics, new tag technologies, baited remote underwater videos, and stable isotopes, the Predator Ecology & Conservation Lab has the ability to answer diverse and complex biological questions.

Our team of ecologists, geneticists, and conservationists are making a difference for sharks, rays, and reef fish around the world.

Research topics explored in the lab include:

  • Community and movement ecology of marine predators
  • Fisheries, fin trade, and applied conservation
  • Behavioural and physiological adaptations in marine predators
  • Population status and structure
  • Mesophotic reef ecology
  • Parthenogenesis and reproduction

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