Field Operations Center

The Field Operations Center is responsible for maintaining and scheduling a fleet of airboats, saltwater boats and other vehicles. In addition, we maintain an inventory of field and safety equipment such as: spotlights, personal flotation devices, whistles, fire extinguishers, flares, first aid kits, blankets, VHS radios, GPS units, flashlights, signal horns - a safety kit and accompanying tool kit appropriate for that boat is required when the boat is checked out. 

Along with following boat safety, a Float Plan is MANDATORY for all field crews using either airboats or marine boats, and they must be filed at least 24 hrs in advance. 

If you'd like to reserve any equipment, please visit the appropriate calendars below:

Please visit the Office of Research to view the most current rates for usage of the below equipment.

FOC BranchContactVessel or TruckType of Boat/TruckType of FuelNumberYearLocationRate (name)Boat Reg./License No.
FreshwaterGonzalez-Collazo14' AirboatAirboatGasolineAB142015MMCAirboatFL 4890 PY
FreshwaterGonzalez-Collazo15' AirboatAirboatGasolineAB15-11995MMCAirboatFL 2015 JA
FreshwaterGonzalez-Collazo16' AirboatAirboatGasolineAB15-32018MMCAirboatFL 7719 RN
FreshwaterGonzalez-Collazo16' AirboatAirboatGasolineAB16-12004MMCAirboatFL 6905 MS
FreshwaterGonzalez-Collazo16' AirboatAirboatGasolineAB16-22012MMCAirboatFL 0089 PJ
FreshwaterGozallez-Collazo15' AirboatAirboatGasolineAB15-42021MMCAirboatFL 0232 TC