Bioinorganic and Environmental Analytical Facility

The BEAF (formerly Mercury Lab, SERCMLAB) offers resources to the teaching, research and service activities of the University, and provides versatile analytical support to a broad range of research programs in the fields of environmental sciences, chemistry, earth sciences, and environmental health both nationally and internationally. The BEAF has the capability to perform a variety of analyses, including but not limited to, total mercury and methylmercury, a range of over twenty metals, and speciation of organometallic compounds in environmental, biomedical, and geological samples. The experienced research and analytical teams in the BEAF can assist in developing new analytical methods to meet the needs of different research programs.

Please contact Drs. Cai or Liu for more information about rates and pricing for the below services.

  • Total mercury analysis
  • Methyl mercury analysis
  • Arsenic speciation
  • Selenium speciation
  • Metals analysis 

The BEAF is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, including these major instruments:

  • PerkinElmer ELAN DRC-e ICPMS
  • PerkinElmer GC (2)
  • PS Analytical AFS for total mercury (3)
  • PS Analytical HG-AFS for arsenic (2)
  • Malvern DLS Zetasizer Nano
  • Thermo LC-MS (2)
  • Brooks Rand MERX automatic methylmercury system (GC-AFS)
  • PerkinElmer and Thermo HPLC with UV/Vis detector (3)