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  • Marine Science Virtual Seminar - Small But Mighty: How Microbes Influence the Future of Coral Reefs | May 6, 2020

    Title: Small But Mighty: How Microbes Influence the Future of Coral Reefs (By Dr. Jennifer Sneed)

    Location: Zoom

    Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    Affiliation: Smithsonian Marine Station

    Dr. Sneed is a research biologist specializing in the roles of microbial life in mediating the ecological interactions of other marine organisms. She is particularly interested in the role of microbial communities in the recruitment processes of invertebrate larvae as well as the chemical cues involved in structuring host microbiomes and their effect on host health and ecology. Dr. Sneed will be discussing her research on the chemically mediated influence of marine bacteria on coral larval settlement.

    Watch the webinar recording below:

  • Earth Month Composting Webinar | April 28, 2020

    Title: Earth Month Composting Webinar

    Location: Zoom

    Date: TuesdayApril 28, 2020

    The webinar consisted of a thorough PPT presentation about composting (the impacts, how-to and the benefits), and was followed by a panel of experts answering audience questions. Partners included Sunshine Community Compost, the Miami Environmental Science Action Network (MESAN), FIU CARTA's Department of Journalism + Media, FIU CASE's Department of Earth and Environment, FIU's Miami Beach Urban Studios, FIU's Parking, Sustainability and Transportation Department, the FIU Student Government Association and the FIU Society for Sustainable Souls. 

    If you're composting, don't forget to fill out our MESAN Resource Monitor form. You can find more resources about composting on the MESAN website.

    You can also download or view the webinar recording or download the PPT presentation

  • Marine Science Virtual Seminar - Why We Need Open Science | April 15, 2020

    Title: Why We Need Open Science (By Dr. Dominique Roche)

    Location: Zoom

    Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2020

    Affiliation:Carleton University

    Dr. Roche is a fish biologist studying energetics, kinematics, ecomorphology, and behavioral and physiological ecology. He also keen interest in science policy and the open science movement. Dr. Roche will speak about his work in this area, evaluating journal policies on data archival in ecology and evolution, promoting data sharing with the broader public, increasing awareness, and facilitating dialogue with scientists, journal editors and the public about the improving open data practices.

    Watch the webinar recording below:

  • Marine Science Virtual Seminar - Mountains in the Sea: Explorations of New England Seamounts | April 10, 2020

    Title: Mountains in the Sea: Explorations of New England Seamounts (By Dr. Jon Moore)

    Location: Zoom

    Date: Friday, April 10, 2020

    Affiliation: Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College at Florida Atlantic University

    Dr. Moore is a marine biologist and oceanographer that specializes in the taxonomy and ecology of deep-sea fishes. He has led and participated in numerous offshore research cruises to study deep-sea taxa. Dr. Moore has also done an impressive amount of research on Florida natural wildlife, including: gopher tortoises, exotic lizards, manatees, lichens, and cacti. In this seminar, Dr. Moore will be discussing the results from offshore research cruises near seamounts off the coast of New England.

    Watch the webinar recording below:

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