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The Sea Level Solutions Center within the Institute of Environment hosted the Florida Climate Institute Climate Challenge Student Video Competition for FIU. FIU is a partner university with the Florida Climate Institute. All university partners were encouraged to hold a schoolwide competition where graduate or undergraduate students were asked to create a two-minute video identifying climate concerns and solutions. We received eight amazing submissions with a variety of styles tackling many different climate problems society faces. The submissions were judged by four experts in the fields of communication or climate science.


It's Time to Open Our Eyes

Manuel Izquierdo

Izquierdo's piece is a mini-documentary that shows us the need to come together and agree on a problem in order to begin figuring out solutions to it.

2-Minute Climate Challenge Student Video Competition

Carlos Tamayo, Noura Alsarawi, Mohamed Zaghloul

Tamayo, Alsarawi, and Zaghloul's informative piece identifies some of our most concerning climate challenges and the solutions that are being implemented in Miami to address them.

More Entries

Hope Where I Stand (Runner-Up)

Lisette Almeida and Carrington Ware

The video narrates a climate poem concerning the consequences of human behavior on the environment and how this influences climate change.

Climate Change - A Fight Worth Fighting For

Ernesto Gonzalez

What does the future hold? A look on what could happen to our world and its solutions we pose for a growing threat, climate change.

Climate Change

Michael Aguila, Kiana Spence, Diana Gomez in collaboration with Julia Hoyes

Take a trip as we look at the past, present, and future about the situation around the climate from the ice caps to forest fires.

The Flood Crisis of the US

Sasha Elaine Bonilla and Djeffane Ferdinand

A video that grasps the attention of society of the untold flood crisis of the United States.

Climate Change - The Prophecy

Alex Perez in collaboration with Rex Parras and Nikki Lodenquai

This is a story about how a peaceful land was turned into chaos. Journey through the story about how one man's selfishness ruins his people's land by denying their goddess and how his destructive way to the environment leads to storms and flooding to his land.


Jesse Toledo and Kirsten Gray

It's optimistic to think that climate crisis can change minds but not every solution is attainable; climate crisis is the most serious threat to the stability and integrity of the world's normal functioning. A realization of the issues at hand is a step in the right direction, because the future isn't immutable.