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The Marine Acoustics Recharge Facility, at its most fundamental level, is interested in marine ecology with an emphasis on coastal and marine nekton communities. Through the application of advanced sampling technologies and integrative approaches the facility is able to study conservation-based ecological problems in aquatic systems from a different perspective than most. The facility offers advanced sampling technologies and autonomous surface water craft services to members of the community for field research support.


Rate NameUnit BaseInternal RateExternal Rate

Simrad EK60 120 Transceiver

per day$98$144

DIDSON Imaging Sonar

per day$161$237

Mesotech M3 Multibeam

per day$154$227

DIDSOM X2 Rotator

per day$56$84

Simrad EK80 WBT-18

per day$85$126

Simrad EK80 WBT-70

per day$48$97

Simrad EK60-38

per day$104$153

Simrad ES18-11

per day$108$159

Simrad ES120-7C Transducer

per day$120$177

Simrad EK80 WBT-38

per day$48$101

Simrad ES70-18 Transducer

per day$114$181

Simrad ES38-10 Transducer

per day$114$173

Simrad ES70-18 Transducer

per day$106$174

SeaRobotics 3.6m ASV

per day$372$549

Ekinox Motion Sensor

per day$50$74

Simrad EK80 70 Transceiver

per day$63$125