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The Membership of the Advisory Board of the UNESCO Chair "Sustainable Water Security" is constituted by the members of the Internal (FIU) Advisory Board, the members of the External Advisory Board, and the UNESCO Representative.

FIU Members

External Members

  • Patricia Aquing | | (St. Lucia) – Executive Director, Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association
  • Max Campos (invited) | | (Costa Rica) – Chief Section Integrated Water Resources Management, Organization of American States
  • Fabio Castelli | | (Italy) – Dean, School of Engineering, University of Florence
  • Pilar Cornejo | | (Ecuador) – Dean  FIMCBOR, Escuela Politecnica del Litoral
  • Roberto Olivares | | (Mexico) – President of the Latin America Network of Water Basin Organisms (LANBO)
  • Andras Szollozi-Nagy | | (Hungary) – Chair, Water Future
  • William Cunningham | | (USA) - Director, Earth System Processes Division, USGS

UNESCO Representative

  • Miguel Doria | | UNESCO Regional Hydrologist for Latin American and the Caribbean