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Our faculty, staff and students lead projects around the globe that help assure the long-term survival of key ecosystems, species, and the people and communities in environments that are continuously evolving. We work at scales from microscopic to global. We are making important contributions in research, management, policy and education.

We do groundbreaking scientific research, and care deeply about the application of that new knowledge to the sustainability of our natural world and our built environment. We strive to connect with people on the ground to meet real-time needs and provide solutions-oriented support.


  • Addressing marine megafauna bycatch
  • Climate Resilient Urban Nexus CHoices (CRUNCH)
  • Digital Commons - sea-level rise collection
  • Effects of projected sea-level rise on Everglades coastal ecosystems 
  • Florida building commission project 
  • Land subsidence and coastal flooding in South Florida
  • Marine Research Hub of South Florida Consortium
  • Mercury cycling at the Arctic Ocean air-sea interface
  • Protecting South Florida archeological sites with integrated ecosystem restoration
  • Sea Level Solutions Center (SLSC) rainfall workshop 
  • Small scale fisheries research
  • Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network (UREx SRN) 
  • Urban Water Innovation Network (U-WIN): transitioning toward sustainable water systems 

Nature & Society Projects 


Partnerships and collaborative work allow us to amplify our impact. View the rest of our partners.

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Together with the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, we are engaging the Keys community to support a vibrant economy, educational opportunities and the environment. This partnership allows FKNMS to strengthen research and outreach programs.

Rookery Bay Research Reserve

Our collaboration enhances the environmental understanding necessary to manage Rookery Bay Research Reserve's 110,000 acres. We are improving our joint ability to provide field-based instruction in environmental studies to students while promoting shared use of facilities, vessels, vehicles and resources. Our partnership provides shared access to long-term water quality, fisheries and biological data for analysis and joint research.


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